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Founder & President of SPO Outreach

Shauntrece Odum

Do small things with great love.

Hope & Peace

Making the community livable again

SPO Outreach is a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to prepare children, young adults, and adults to be leaders and change reformers within our community and execute initiatives to reduce homelessness, food destitution, and unhealthy mental mentalities. We accomplish this mission by offering quarterly meetings, conferences, retreats, activities, and programs that prepare children, young adults, and adults to succeed in their desired goals in life and
academics in the spirit of excellence.


We plan these events to encourage our community and recreation. We focus on the spirit, soul, and body of every person so that every dear individual can attain their purpose with a life of wholeness, understanding, wisdom, integrity, and quality. In addition, we work timelessly to provide our community with hope, healing, and polished character. We are training humankind in God's ways of wise living, so that they can flourish like spring water. 

The President of SPO Outreach is named Shauntrece Odum. She is a faith-filled leader, author, speaker, teacher, compassionate counselor, and founder of SPO Outreach. She is an impactful leader to her community that works hard, to provide her hometown with innovative interventions that motivate, helps improve the integrity and character of individuals and empower them by embracing their gifts, shrewdness, creativity, and enthusiasm to transform them into non-reliant, composed shining examples. SPO Outreach uses a variety of methods, programs, and events to help steer and improve all of mankind’s special capabilities and empower them to lead successful lives. SPO Outreach feeds the hungry, cloth those in need, helps find shelter for the homeless, and mentors individuals who are seeking a life of wholeness.


We believe in the value and potential of every person. 


We recognize every person as a unique individual deserving respect. 


We won't walk away even when that means making tough choices. 

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